WordPress Website Development – Why Small Businesses Should Choose WordPress

WordPress Website Development - Why Small Businesses Should Choose WordPressWhen you are looking into having a website developed for your business, one of the important considerations is whether you want your website to be built from scratch or to be built upon a pre-existing content management platform. For most small businesses without a lot of technical knowledge, a content management platform is almost always the best idea as it makes it easy for you to update your website without coding knowledge. The most popular of these platforms is WordPress, which current powers roughly 25% of all websites. WordPress website development provides a business with a large feature set, a technology that any design company should be familiar with, and an easy-to-use system that allows for even those with zero technological knowledge to easily update their website. There are some very serious benefits to choosing WordPress over some of the other available options for small businesses.

WordPress Websites = Easy Updates

The first and most important reason that many small businesses choose WordPress is that it makes it easy for them to update their website without any coding knowledge. The intuitive WYSIWYG editing platform makes editing the content of your website as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document. Shutting your doors for an extended holiday? Let your audience know on your homepage. The easy updates make it easy for you to keep your customers notified about the latest changes to your business.

Extend Functionality with Plugins

There are an almost never-ending number of WordPress plugins that are available today to extend the functionality of your website. From e-commerce shopping carts, to message boards and email marketing plugins, you should have no problem finding a plugin that helps you to better serve your customers. Working in conjunction with your WordPress development team will allow you to identify plugins that could help your business grow your online presence and better serve your customers.

Many Themes Available

Just like plugins, WordPress also has a huge repository of pre-built themes and designs, allowing you to customize the way that your website looks with very little hassle. many businesses use themes outright. But, each theme is 100% open sourced and can be edited and customized to reflect your brand. With thousands of themes available there are an unending number of ways that you can customize the look and feel of your business website.

Built-In Blog Management

Before WordPress had grown into the all-around content management system that it is today, it was a small script that allowed websites to easily operate a blog. Over time the script has continued to grow but the basic blog management features are still built-in. If your business would like to operate a blog alongside your website, WordPress is the premiere blogging platform and would be an excellent choice for your business.

Multiple Users with Varying Permissions

Do you want certain employees to be able to login to your website and post news, share photos or reach out to your customers? One of the biggest benefits of WordPress is that it allows for you to create accounts for members of your organization and limit the changes that they can make. Maybe you have a talented writer on staff whom you would like to be able to post blog updates once per week. No problem. Just create them an “author” account and they will be able to write and publish articles directly to your blog with zero coding knowledge.

Simple Transfers and Migration

WordPress is simple to backup and migrate to new hosts. With the latest versions of WordPress, backing up your database is often as simple as pressing a single “Backup Now” button. Additionally, there are numerous plugins available that allow you to schedule weekly or daily backups of your website online.

If you are interested in having a WordPress website developed for your business, please contact us today. We will schedule a time to chat about your business.