Tips On How To Make A Podcast: Part Two

We previously discussed a few ways in which to make a podcast, and we are going to continue this with some more points to help you make a great podcast for your company. Podcasts are incredible tools for companies to use when it comes to putting content into different formats, and this format gives clients the ability to learn various things while driving or working. Many people will listen to podcasts throughout their workday because they cannot read through content while working, making podcasts optimal for businesses that want to stay in touch with their client base. Let’s look at five more tips on how you can create an excellent podcast for your clientele. 

1. Create A Brand For Your Podcast

Everyone loves branding nowadays, and branding can help set businesses apart from each other. The same is true of podcasts. You will find that if you brand your podcast specifically for that content, you will have more people willing to listen, and you will even bring in multiple new clients. Make sure that when you brand your podcast that you make it close to your company’s brand to avoid any confusion. Having a similar look will help to promote continuity between your podcast and business, while the slight differences will help bring about a sense of uniqueness for your podcast. 

2. Utilize Social Media to Inform People About Your Podcast

Before you record your podcast, you will want to start getting people interested and excited about it. A great way to do this is to start promoting it via social media. You can always use the Game of Thrones meme and say something like “A podcast is coming” or just something silly to let people know what you are up to. Once you are recording, continue telling people about it and maybe give them a bit of a behind the scenes look. When you complete your podcast, it is time to share it with your client base. Again, make it fun and share it throughout your various channels. This will heighten the likelihood of it getting shared and listened to by those within and outside of your client base. 

3. Try To Bring In Revenue With Your Podcast

Focusing on bringing in revenue with a podcast should be one of the last elements you consider because when you make a podcast, you will want to make sure it is quality content first. Once you have been doing it for awhile or have built a substantial audience, then you can think about using it to bring in money. Mashable gives two options to bring in money with your podcast; one being to have people pay to advertise on your podcast, which will only happen when your business has a certain size viewing audience. However, you will run the risk of losing your listeners because many people do not like hearing ads with their content. The second idea is to build your brand and business through your podcast to encourage people to use your products or services. This is the better way to bring in revenue and have a strong, consistent client base. 

4. Keep It Short For Your Listeners

We all know that short content seems to win the day for many readers and listeners, with the occasional long blog being acceptable. This is the case for podcasts as well. When you make a podcast, consider the length you want to do. You will, of course, need to play around with how long you will make a podcast, but it is best if you keep it relatively short. This does not mean it has to be only ten minutes, but do not go and make a Lord of the Rings sized podcast of three or more hours. Consider doing a few different lengths of time to see how much your clients will listen to certain podcasts – thirty minutes, an hour, whatever length you would like to try. You can even send out a survey asking clients how long they would like your podcasts to be. 

5. Use Typical Elements Such As Music And Sound Effects

When you make a podcast, you should remember that this is very similar to a radio show. You will need to have similar elements to it such as the fun music you hear in radio shows, as well as fun sound effects. You can easily find these online, some for free and some that you will need to purchase. This will add character and an element of fun to your podcast, breaking up the monotony of hearing someone talk for however long. You will want to make sure the music and sound effects match your business’s style and what you are discussing in your podcast, but you will find that your clients do like when there are fun elements involved.

In Closing, Make A Podcast To Have Successful Content

As you make a podcast, remember this is just another format for your content. You can base a podcast off of a blog post you wrote and expound upon it, giving people more details. You can even have a series of podcasts about one blog and break down each point in individual podcasts. Whatever you decide to do will be a great addition to your company’s content campaign. Take some time to outline and make a podcast to see how well your clients react to it. You will find that adding a personal touch to your content will make it successful, as well as make your business successful.

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