Tips On How To Make A Podcast: Part One

Podcasts are quickly becoming all the rage for many websites and are slowly growing in popularity. A podcast is similar to a radio show where people can tune in and listen to what you have to say while driving, working, or doing other tasks like laundry. Podcasts give people the ability to learn a few awesome things without having to read a long blog. This means it is a good idea for you and your company to consider how to make a podcast and use it to promote your business. This blog is going to focus on a few great things you can think about when it is time to make a podcast.

1. Make Sure You Stay Focused When You Make A Podcast

While you can cover two to three topics per podcast, you always want to make sure you stay focused. A great way to stay focused is to outline and write up what you want to say. Obviously, you do not want to sound like you are reading it while recording, but it gives you an idea of what to say and how long you should spend on a particular topic. Keep a clock nearby while recording to make sure you spend an adequate amount of time on each topic. 

2. Use Decent Recording Equipment For Optimal Sound

When you are recording your first podcast, you obviously do not want to head out to the local sound store and buy all the expensive equipment available. However, you do want to have some decent recording gear. A simple headset with microphone will probably do the trick for your first podcast, which will create optimal sound and make it seem professionally done. The longer your podcast runs (weeks, months, and years) and the more popular it gets will let you know just how much you can spend on recording gear in the future to continue making it sound the best it can. 

3. Always Know Your Target Audience

This is the same with any form of content; you should always know your target audience. When it comes to a podcast, you might find that your target audience is a little narrower than your typical content, so make sure you know whom you are trying to reach. This will help streamline your podcast and help you keep focused. Consider doing a poll or research your client base further to make sure you make a podcast that is perfect for them. You might find that you will have to learn as you go when you make a podcast because your initial research might show your target audience one way, but they might react a completely different way. Always prepare to learn more about your client base and target audience throughout any type of content creation to help you refine your information. 

4. Make It A Regular Feature

One of the great things about podcasts is they give people the ability to know exactly when you will be posting something. The majority of podcasts done now are done on a schedule such as once a month or every two weeks. This gives people a great feeling of consistency, and if they know when the podcast is going to air, they will be more likely to tune in every time. In the beginning, you might not know just how often to do a podcast, so keep is simple by doing it once a month for a time. If you decide to bump up the amount of times you do one each month, make sure you inform your client base so that they can prepare for the change and listen when they are ready. 

5. Use Your Own Style For A Podcast

When you make a podcast, you might decide to listen to other radio shows and podcasts to figure out how to run yours. While this is a great idea, you will need to make sure that you do not take someone else’s style from a podcast to use as your own. Doing research into different podcasts will greatly benefit you, and help you learn how to do a few things, but borrowing something such as a catchphrase or how a certain personality does something will look mighty unprofessional. One of the best things about a podcast is that it gives you the opportunity to be yourself and let your client base feel like they are getting to know the real person behind the company.

6. Choose Someone Who Is A Natural To Host The Podcast

This is vital when you are aiming to make a podcast. If you find you do not have a natural presence when recording, then you should find someone who does. This will make the podcast seamless and help people engage with the host. If the person hosting sounds stilted or nervous, it will not be something that will further entice your audience to continue listening. In fact, it might be something that can eventually lead a client away from your business. It is quite possible to find someone who is a natural at doing podcasts, however. Consider holding auditions to find that perfect host.

Podcasts are an excellent format to utilize to not only spice up your content, but also to give clients the ability to learn new and exciting things in a simple manner. A podcast can simply be something that rounds out your blog and web content, giving clients a little something extra to enjoy.

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