The Top Copywriting Mistakes You Might Be Making

When you are writing up web content, you might wonder if you are doing everything correctly or if you are making a few mistakes. It is easy to make mistakes if writing content is not something you are used to doing, especially if you have never been one to write. Copywriting mistakes can vary from using improper SEO tactics to just simple grammar mistakes. This blog is going to outline a few copywriting mistakes that many website owners make when crafting content or blogs, helping you to avoid making them in the future or change any current strategies you might have for your content campaigns.

1. Writing About Your Company Too Much

It is a great idea to write about your company and give people the opportunity to know about you, your services, and any special items in your shop. Writing blogs about your business is a good idea if you received exciting news about being approved by a major leader in your field or other news, but you want to make sure to avoid doing this all the time. If you have several exciting pieces of information that deal specifically with your business, make sure to spread it out throughout the weeks instead of writing them all at once. This makes your blog boring and does not offer clients any incentive as to why your business is the one they should go with. Write about how your product can help without pushing it throughout your blog, write up tips, DIY suggestions, or any interesting tidbits about things within your industry. 

2. Boring Headlines

One of the biggest copywriting mistakes website owners make is not crafting captivating headlines. Having a decent headline is what will bring people to your website to read your content and purchase items from you. If the headline is boring, it will not attract attention and will keep people away. This is true for a product description, as well as for blogs. You do not always have to come up with something witty like an Upworthy type headline, but can tell people in your headline that you are offering them some useful information that they will appreciate and enjoy. That is what will make people click on your link and head over to your site, giving visitors the ability to become a customer. 

3. Odd Or Incorrect Formatting

Formatting on your webpage and in your blog is an important element and is often part of the biggest copywriting mistakes. If your webpage does not have a proper format, you might find that readers have a hard time reading through your blog or seeing things clearly on the screen. User experience is vastly important when it comes to making and keeping clients. You can also be using odd or incorrect formatting methods when writing up web content and blogs by having only a few sub headers or none at all. Sub headers are a big part of web content and help people read through your information easier, as well as being able to find the information that they believe to be most important for them. In fact, sub headers are a great way to promote readability and will give people the ability to skim your article if they are unable to read the entire thing. 

4. The Wrong Tone Of “Voice”

Each company and industry needs a certain voice within all of its writing. Some companies are quite successful if they use happy, upbeat voices throughout their content while others need to have a more professional tone. In fact, some businesses may even need a more academic tone. It is best for you to figure out what tone will work for your industry. If you are not entirely sure and have been trying one method with hardly any success, then it is time to try a different one. Having the right voice will help you get on the level of your client base and help turn any visitors to your site into leads for future business. 

5. Treating Your Client Base As If They Were All The Same

Yes, it is true that your client base will have similar interests, hence why they are your clients. However, many website owners make the mistake that all of their clients think and act exactly the same. The reality is, everyone is individual which means you need to approach your content from a broader context than sticking with something that only works for a certain number of clients. Broaden your writing styles to be fun, yet professional or more professional with an academic air, choose different images that appeal to a wider base, and use different content formats such as video, audio, infographics, and blogs. 

6. Chasing Rabbit Trails

Another aspect of copywriting mistakes is rambling throughout your posts and chasing rabbit trails. You might come up with a great topic that meshes with what you are writing about, but it is best to write it down in a separate document, and continue on one topic at a time. If you meander throughout your post, you are likely to lose your audience quickly, which is something you want to avoid when you are writing web content. 

7. Not Making Your Point, Quickly

This goes in connection with point six; if you do not make a point and make it quickly; you will lose readers and potential sales. You want to make sure people fully know what your point is or to know enough of your point to stay engaged throughout the entire post in order to learn more from your company. A great way to make your point in a blog is to make it in your opening paragraph with just enough information to intrigue people. Make sure to continue making your point as you write your post. For example, this post starts out telling you that are copywriting mistakes out there; throughout the post, the point is continually made about the different copywriting mistakes. Try this with your next content creation. 

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