The Best Plugins & Advice for WordPress Maintenance

Maintaining a WordPress website can seem complicated and overbearing. Many businesses choose to outsource this service to a WordPress maintenance provider. However, there are some practical tips and tricks that can be a significant help to your WordPress website, without having to spend money or pay for services. Of course, WordPress maintenance services can be very handy if you lack the time or resources to do maintain the website on your own. Below, you will find plugins and advice for doing quick and easy maintenance on your WordPress website.

Manage Your WordPress Websites with Ease

InfiniteWP – WordPress Management for Large Networks

If you own multiple WordPress websites then you already know the struggle of having to login to each website to perform updates, schedule posts and more. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an affordable management system that allowed you to do these tasks on the fly, without having to individually login to each site?

InfiniteWP boasts a wide range of features:

  • One click updates for themes, plugins and WordPress itself. The “update all” button provide simple and easy access to updating multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard.
  • Backup and restore WordPress websites.
  • Install plugins and themes at the click of a button.
  • Self hosted and fully secure with completely private data.

InfiniteWP’s base install is completely free, providing the user with access to a master login where one click updates, backups, restorations and plugin/theme management is accomplished easily. If you need additional features such as scheduling backups, malware scanning, cloning WordPress installs, publishing posts/pages, monitoring uptime and more. Additionally, if you want to be able to access the features of other popular plugins from one interface, there are yearly charges to be able to do this.

As an alternative to InfiniteWP, you can also checkout ManageWP.

WordPress Maintenance Tools

Deleting Pending or Accidentally Approved Comments

Comments can be a great addition to a blog post’s content, giving the page considerably more coverage than what it provided originally. When you have an active audience that is participating through the comments section, it helps add value to the original post. This is especially true when you are participating and replying to the comments. This gives the audience a personal interaction with you and adds to the appeal of your website. This is why it’s important to write meaningful, well planned blog articles because the amount of effort that goes into each post will be more than just writing the content.

Deleting pending or accidentally approved comments is very important. Pending comments are unnecessary if they are never going to be approved, such as spam or inappropriate comments. They take up space in the database and are better off removed. Accidentally approved comments, such as if your blog auto-approves comments can be very taxing on your website’s bandwidth and resources. It’s likely that your blog will be spammed by bots and the quicker you fix this, the better. Plugins like “Delete Pending Comments” can be very useful for comment maintenance.

WP-Optimize for Cleaning and Optimizing your Database

When your database becomes bogged down due to excessive rows (entries) in the tables, you can use WP-Optimize for maintenance. This plugin is designed to clean the database and optimize it to make storing data more efficient. It accomplishes this without having to do manually queries and it’s a powerful database optimization tool for improving the performance of your WordPress website. It provides access to a variety of tools including clearing the trash, disabling trackbacks, disabling comments, removing comments, removing unnecessary saved post revisions, removing old posts and more.

EWWW Image Optimizer WordPress

EWWW Image Optimizer for Image File Size Reduction

Images are one of the most taxing file types for WordPress websites. The more images a website has to load, the slower the performance of the website. Your website visitors are sure to notice the reduction in load times and will have a hard time navigating your website’s page. EWWW Image Optimizer is a free plugin that automatically reduces the file sizes for images stored in your WordPress install. It uses lossless reduction methods and optimizes new images automatically as they are uploaded.

If you have questions on WordPress maintenance and want to learn more about managing your website, please contact us.