Reputation Marketing

Your company’s reputation is important. You’ve spent the time and money creating a business structure, and you have invested quite a bit of your efforts. If you don’t create a solid reputation for your business, you’ll never reach a point where you can sit back, relax, and watch the business come in on its own. All it takes is one negative review to damage your company’s reputation.

We Can Help You

Unlike other companies out there that just manage or monitor, we offer a turn-key solution that helps you market your reputation, build it and manage it across the web. We strive to create a 5-star reputation for every customer we have so that the only reputation you have online is a solid one.

Reputation Marketing Should Be Your #1 Priority

You need a 5-star reputation online. It doesn’t matter how great your SEO is, your social media status or how you get people to visit your website. All customers care about is the reputation of the company they are working with. If your reputation isn’t solid, they aren’t going to work with you. Bottom line.

Did you know that 87 percent of people look online and research a business before they buy? 52 percent of those people check out online reviews first. If you have a negative review, you could be losing up to half of your potential customers.

Most business owners fail to realize the importance of a positive reputation. But City Web can help monitor and create a 5-star reputation that puts all of your other marketing tactics to good use.

  • 87% of people look online and research a business
  • 52% of those people check out online reviews first
Mobile Feedback App

Easily collect customer reviews with a mobile feedback app included with our Reputation Marketing system