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  • Tips on Making a Podcast Part Two
    Tips On How To Make A Podcast: Part Two
    We previously discussed a few ways in which to make a podcast, and we are going to continue this with some more points to help you make a great podcast for your company. Podcasts are incredible tools for companies to use when it comes to putting content into different formats, and this format gives clients the
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  • Tips on Making a Podcast Part One
    Tips On How To Make A Podcast: Part One
    Podcasts are quickly becoming all the rage for many websites and are slowly growing in popularity. A podcast is similar to a radio show where people can tune in and listen to what you have to say while driving, working, or doing other tasks like laundry. Podcasts give people the ability to learn a few
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  • What Makes Non-Profit Marketing Unique
    What Makes Non-Profit Marketing Unique?
    Marketing is a complex beast, often because it’s necessary to tailor messages to certain groups for maximum impact. Promoting a company or cause also includes specific challenges if the organization is a not-for-profit entity. Keep reading to learn why non-profit marketing cannot and should not exclusively follow the same principles as a traditional corporation. Non-Profits
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  • Mobile Content Writing
    Mobile Content: Writing For A New Generation Of Viewers
    One thing that we can all agree on is that mobile usage is becoming vital to how we all live our lives and access content across the web. It is very rare to notice someone without a smartphone or tablet at the ready, meaning the vast majority of people are reading and viewing content on
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  • How Web Design Affects Perceptions of Your Brand
    How Web Design Affects Perceptions of Your Brand
    Is your web design hurting your brand? Did you even know that the layout, design and aesthetics of your website have an effect on your brand image? Believe it or not, they do. These days even the low-end and budget-friendly smartphones can display advanced web pages just fine. That means, if you’re website isn’t visually
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  • Top Copywriting Mistakes
    The Top Copywriting Mistakes You Might Be Making
    When you are writing up web content, you might wonder if you are doing everything correctly or if you are making a few mistakes. It is easy to make mistakes if writing content is not something you are used to doing, especially if you have never been one to write. Copywriting mistakes can vary from
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  • Young teacher near chalkboard in school classroom
    Promote Blog Engagement By Teaching Your Readers: Part 1
    Engagement on your blogs is something that all content writers want. It shows that people enjoy what you have to say, as well as finding it interesting enough to engage with it. Sometimes, engagement is hard to come by, and many writers wonder just what they are doing wrong. While your content might be high
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  • Pay Per Click Management: Why You Need Professional Assistance
    Although online marketing methods like social media marketing and search engine optimization can be very effective, they can take time. If you want to start seeing an increase in traffic right now, you may want to try a marketing option that will allow you to see more immediate results. In these situations, a pay per
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  • Increasing Brand Awareness With Social Media Marketing
    In our rapidly evolving digital age, successful business owners realize that generating sales is more than just having a product to sell. The true success of your business will depend on your visibility and the awareness of your brand with a target audience. Many businesses have realized the importance of social media in generating brand
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  • Best Plugins Advice WordPress Maintenance
    The Best Plugins & Advice for WordPress Maintenance
    Maintaining a WordPress website can seem complicated and overbearing. Many businesses choose to outsource this service to a WordPress maintenance provider. However, there are some practical tips and tricks that can be a significant help to your WordPress website, without having to spend money or pay for services. Of course, WordPress maintenance services can be very handy
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