Mobile Content: Writing For A New Generation Of Viewers

One thing that we can all agree on is that mobile usage is becoming vital to how we all live our lives and access content across the web. It is very rare to notice someone without a smartphone or tablet at the ready, meaning the vast majority of people are reading and viewing content on a mobile platform. This makes writing mobile content vital to any content campaign. This blog is going to look at a few ways that you can improve or create excellent mobile content for your readers and customers.

1. Email Is Important To Mobile Content

For awhile there, it seemed that email campaigns were steadily going the way of the dinosaur; however, email bounced back with an incredible T-Rex like roar. Mobile users are more likely to check their email now then they used to be, with many waking up and reading their email first thing each morning. Many of us cannot go throughout our day without checking our email numerous times, especially those who have their primary email account connected to their smartphone. This means that you should put a significant amount of work into your email campaigns and send out some incredible content for people. You can provide offers for people who receive your email and give little incentives for people to signup, giving you a wider base to send emails out to. It is best to watch your analytics and poll your customers to find out how often they want to receive emails in order to make the biggest impact possible. 

2. Utilize Multiple Formats To Reach Mobile Users

Multiple formats are a great idea for anyone, but especially when it comes to mobile content. Some of the best formats to utilize are either a few videos about your product, podcasts that people can listen to while working or offer them infographics to read instead of your blog. You can always link to a blog in order to give people the ability to read it, but many mobile users prefer to have content that is easy to access and read quickly. When it comes to podcasts, many people will plug their smartphones into their cars or listen to headphones while on the subway, which gives you a great opportunity to promote your content for those who do not have a chance to read items. 

3. Write Some Short Content Pieces For Easy Mobile Use

While many people prefer the multiple formats listed above, some people do prefer to read some articles and blogs, which means that short content is the way to go. You do not want to focus only on short content for your campaign, but a few shorter pieces will be great for mobile users who want to look at the article, learning a bit of information, and head on to the next article or put away their phone. Many people will browse the web while waiting for friends or loved ones, and will select a shorter piece to read because it will not take as long as a lengthy article. 

4. Make People Know What You Are Saying, Quickly

Writing mobile content means that you will have to get your point across quickly in order to sell your product, service, and business to mobile users. This is a great chance to either write a call to action towards the beginning or to make sure people know what your point is for an article. If you wait to put off the call to action until the very end or think that people will find it elsewhere on your site, you might find yourself losing visits and not bringing in any new customers via mobile users. Many mobile users expect their mobile content to capture their attention, tell them what they need/want to know, and how you can provide that for them. If it takes too long to find out, readers will skip over to a competitor until they find someone who can help them. 

5. Utilize Lists and Bullet Points For Your Content

If you do use longer content for your blogs, then consider breaking it up into lists or bullet points. This is great for people who are not reading mobile content, but is ideal for mobile users. It helps them find the point they are looking for, giving them the ability to read that particular point. Many people find themselves browsing the rest of the article once they have found the specific point if the article has a great flow and is easy to navigate. This is why lists, bullet points, and sub headers are excellent for your Internet content whether it is product descriptions, about pages, or blogs. 

6. Make The User Experience A Decent One

Mobile users want their experience on mobile sites to be easy and quick because many are out when they are looking at mobile content. This means that you will want to ensure that your content is mobile friendly and that people can navigate around your website easily. Look at a few companies that have great mobile platforms to see what you can learn from them and make your users have an incredible experience. You can also ask people to submit ideas to improve the user experience because you will want to make sure you make it as good as possible to keep people coming back to your site. When writing mobile content, a great way to ensure the content is user-friendly is to use fonts and colors that are pleasing to the eye and do not take much focus for people. The typical black type on a white background is your best bet for writing user-friendly mobile content. 

In Closing

Writing mobile content for your readers and customers will help you bring in more revenue and give your customers the ability to interact with you, no matter where they are. If you need help with your blogging services, please contact City Web Company today to see how we can help you provide excellent content for all users, including those on mobile devices.